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Established in 1984, Longtex Rubber Industry and its subsidiaries, situated in Thailand, has long been a supplier of quality products available in a variety of compounds and styles that always meet international standards. Under the devoted management of key individuals in both production and marketing for several years, it has continually developed its manufacturing system with state-of-the-art machinery in order to satisfy customers need and to improve overall efficiency.

Longtex Ruber Industry Co., Ltd. is a world leader in the manufacturing of extruded rubber threads in both talcum and silicone coating. Our production team has unparalleled experience in the manufacturing of round section rubber thread in different sizes and colours with high quality assurance in several differant compounds.
Dexon Corporation Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Longtex Rubber Industry., is the manufacturer of covered rubber threads and elastic cords, which are tailor-made to each customers specific requirements. Dexon stringent quality control assures the highest quality and consistency in multiple physical properties that will enable your production lines to run smoothly and efficiently.
All of our companies supply a wide range of customers both regionally and globally across a number of industries, garments, horticulture, food packaging, toys, furniture, medical supplies, transportation, and outdoor products.
Our vision is to produce high-quality products, which meet all customers individual requirements, at a competitive price along with punctual delivery.
Our Research and Development department is continually exploring new techniques and resources in and effort to improve the quality of our products. Every meter of thread is manufactured with the greatest care and precision to provide our customers with the same reliable and consistent product in every order.
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